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Kathryn Mannix on what dying is like

Here's Kathryn Mannix doing a cracking job talking about what dying is like...

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Dealing with well meaning people

It’s great when people care about you – surely?

What about if people blatantly don’t care about you?  It may be hurtful, but you’re quite clear where you stand with them.

When people do care, care a lot, and know you have a terminal diagnosis, you will likely have to deal with a lot of well-meaning activity. Some of this will be great for you, and some, not so great. The better prepared you are for this, the easier it will be to deal with, both mentally and practically.

Let's dive into "how":

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Helping your friends help you

Friends talking

If you're dealing with a life threatening or terminal illness then telling your friends can be tricky.  If you've experienced this, you'll probably have discovered that you get a range of reactions, not all of them helpful. 

Let's take a look behind the scenes at what's going on here, and draw out some insights on how you can help your friends to help you.

We'll step inside their head, take a look at what comes out of their mouth, then look at how you can take the lead...

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A little bit about me

Coaching session

Five years ago, you would have thought me an unlikely character to be writing this. In my working life I’ve been an engineer, a technology executive, a business consultant and a coach. Now, I work in a local hospice and offer coaching to help people with terminal illness make the most of the rest of their life.

You may well ask what would lead me into this?

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Is counselling right for you?

Walking alongside

If you or your loved one needs emotional support dealing with a life threatening condition, your doctor will more than likely refer you to a counsellor, but is this the right choice?

Is there a better option and how will you know if it's right for you?

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Checklist for coping with a terminal diagnosis

Your medical team are probably already overloading you with facts and figures. You’ll be considering treatments, options, costs and how you’ll manage everything. Important as that is, there is ONE THING you’re likely NOT doing that will dramatically affect not only your ability to cope, but your whole quality of life in the coming weeks and months.

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