• This helps you decide how best to keep your 'digital' assets for the long term
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I've planned my digital legacy

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Key Takeaways

  • You can't trust physical hardware to hold digital memories long-term
  • Tread carefully with "specialist" providers
  • The most secure options are well-stored physical documents, and commercially-focused cloud storage


To keep it really simple – you can add the most important messages to your planning workbook – but beyond a few pages, this will not be good enough. Here's some options.

You can check out a comparison of industrial-strength cloud storage or to keep it simple, if you’re an Apple affectionado, just use iCloud it all just works. If not, then Dropbox just works.

If you want to use a specialist provider of digital memories, here are two of the best to check out:


You can set up video, audio or text messages for particular dates, events or locations, and you can link with your social media profile. This is designed for sending messages, and not for keeping things forever.


Despite my comments on Chronicle of life, they look well set up. You pay a one-off fee and never again, which may be attractive. Not designed for messaging, but for long-term storage. They just do photos and documents, not videos, but offer decent organisational options