• This will be a huge help to your executor or your agent.
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Key Takeaways

  • You will probably keep coming back to add things as you go through the training
  • Make sure you cross reference this section with your list of contacts
  • Consider that your full list of personal information is fodder for identity theft - keep it particularly secure


Consideration for personal information to have available for your executor(s), family and attorney(s)

Full Legal Name

Home Address

Home Phone Number

Date Started Living in Resident State

Occupation and Job Title

Type of Business

Business Address

Business Phone Number

Social Security Number

Veteran’s Serial Number (if any)

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Father’s Legal Name

Father’s Birthplace

Mother’s Name

Mother’s Maiden Name

Mother’s Birthplace

Marital Status

Spouse Name (Maiden, If Wife)

Immediate Brothers and Sisters

Immediate Children and Dates of Birth

Immediate Grandchildren and Dates of Birth