• Without this, you risk important bills going unpaid and the household struggling to function. The last thing you need at a difficult time.
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Household & Bills - I've added what I know now

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Household & Bills - I've filled in the gaps

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Key Takeaways

  • This is straightforward to do and can be incredibly valuable
  • Use the checklist - it's really easy to miss things.
  • If you're not the 'family manager' - encourage that person to get this done


Here's a checklist of payments to make sure you've noted in your workbook

  • Cable/TV/internet
  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Other real estate fees Includes homeowners or condominium association fees
  • Property taxes
  • Water/sewer
  • Electricity
  • Gas/Oil
  • Garbage
  • Property insurance
  • Landline phones
  • Cellphones
  • Auto/car loans and lease payments
  • Auto/car insurance
  • Student loans
  • Other loans
  • Store card payments
  • Credit care payments
  • Tuition fees
  • Court fees and fines
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical payments
  • Regular charitable donations
  • Taxes