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How can I serve you today?

My name is Patrick Willis, my mission is to help others deal well with death. From helping the fit and healthy avoid the family trauma of dying unexpectedly, to enabling those with a terminal illness to not just survive, but thrive. Choose from an option below to get resources and support.

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Making end of life preparations?
Discover how ready you are

Even if you're completely healthy today, there are real benefits to considering your death

At any time of life, it’s not morbid to think through end of life and discuss it with your family. Decades of research have consistently shown that: 

People who plan in advance for the end of their lives spend less time in the hospital, receive fewer intensive treatments, and have greater quality of life when they reach their final days. In addition, their family experience less stress, anxiety and depression during the process.

Making sure your wishes are known and can be respected if you become unable to communicate, releases a huge pressure from family members. "do everything you can" is so often heard in hospitals from loved ones not wanting to feel they haven't given someone every chance. The medical profession with a "let's fix it" mindset and instructions from next of kin will often go along... and yet for someone who is dying this frequently increases their suffering and is not at all what they'd want. With a healthcare directive and proxy, you can help ensure your wishes are followed.

Not only that, but if you are a carer or have any dependants, making sure you are prepared with things as simple as them being able to access your cellphone and email, so they can sort out bills and contact people can save untold hardship.

There's a lot to think about from a last Will and Testament, health planning and financial planning. Today there's more, with important memories and assets in digital form that can so easily be misplaced.

It often feels it's too soon to think about it, until it's too late. Start preparing now - take the quiz and check how ready you are:

Answer these few simple questions and you'll get an immediate readiness assessment and a follow-up checklist

Dealing with a terminal illness?
Talk it through with me

Four steps you can take right now to improve your quality of life

Grab my guide to finding your feet and use proven research to cope better today - drop your anchor in the emotional storm

What if you could...

  • Wake up and look forward to the day
  • Make great memories with your family and friends
  • Look back over recent weeks and feel you've achieved great things
  • Know that your family CAN and WILL cope well in the future
  • Have no regrets or unfinished business
Finding your feet